About that lying “prophet” that rebuked John MacArthur

26 Aug

Source: About that lying “prophet” that rebuked John MacArthur

About that lying “prophet” that rebuked John MacArthur

Quote from Article:   ” I happen to personally know John O’Neill wasn’t a prophet, because God’s prophets do not lie or misrepresent their true intentions and that is exactly what he did.

You see, I met him back in early June and had an extended conversation with him. It was on a Sunday evening. The children’s ministries were hosting a plaza fellowship  for the families of Grace Church. My wife and I were popping popcorn when he came strolling along with his backpack. We started chatting and immediately recognized he was Scottish. I asked if he was here to go to seminary. He said no; but that he was an open air preacher who had come to LA to evangelize. I asked if he knew about our  church. He said yes he did, and get this, he told me HE LIKED JOHN MACARTHUR AND APPRECIATED HIS MINISTRY!

What was that? Yep, he emphatically stated he liked our pastor and his preaching ministry.

We spoke for nearly 30 minutes. Though I got weird vibes off him because he talked about God calling or telling him thus and such, never once did he mention anything about cessationism or that John was teaching heresy for saying the apostolic sign gifts had ceased.

In fact, he hung around Grace Church for the summer attending on Sundays. A lot of friends also met him and they never once had a conversation with him about cessationism or the sign gifts. Tony Miano, who does real street preaching, also went  on visitation with him. He also didn’t hear any negatives against MacArthur when they were together.”  ( Read full Article at this link https://hipandthigh.wordpress.com/2015/08/25/about-that-lying-prophet-that-rebuked-john-macarthur/

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