17 Dec

IF –

If you are not saved – you are lost.

If you do not pray – you have no power.

If you are not meek – you are haughty.

If you are not humble – you are proud.

If you have no peace – you have no rest.

If you have no rest – you have worries.

If you have no joy – you get despondent.

If you have no hope – you get discouraged.

If you are not honest – you are deceitful.

If you lose your temper – you commit sin.

If you are not merciful – you are hard-hearted.

If you are discourteous – you are inconsiderate.

If you use profanity – Satan uses your tongue.

If you have hate in your heart – you are a murderer.

If you don’t love the brethren – you don’t love God.

                                             –HERALD OF FAITH



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