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7 Nov

In looking at what is happening in the world and hearing about it on the News lately, there is so much troubling news events, everyday. Our healthcare as we knew it is being taken away, laws are being changed, the constitution is readily challenged, mass shootings, moral lapses.  Some are asking how did we get here?  It made me think of what was said in a book I read which said:  

“Evolutionary thought and liberal theology profoundly influenced the way law was understood. No longer was it true that man had certain “unalienable” rights derived from creation.  John Warwick Montgomery summarizes how this sad state of affairs came about by pointing out that in the eighteenth century the Bible was killed by unwarranted  destructive criticism; in the nineteenth century God was Killed; and in the twentieth century inevitably man has been killed.  Montgomery adds, “This generation is not accidental;  each step logically follows from what has preceded: the loss of the Bible leads to the loss of God, for in the Bible God is most clearly revealed; the loss of God leaves Man at the naked mercy of his fellows, where might makes right.”

A student of the  history of law in the United States should have been able to predict that human life would soon be reclassified as unworthy of special protection.  Abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, homosexual marriage–these are the inevitable results of secular humanism’s worldview.  When God dies, so does man.

Law in Modern America

With the fading of the Christian worldview, man now was king and able to make whatever laws he wanted.  This has led to what Francis Schaffer called “sociological law” — the belief that there are no absolutes but rather a relative, evolutionary morality.  Law is what the majority want or what the judges say it is.  There is no higher court of appeal; no longer can one challenge a ruling on the basis of absolutes derived from a creator.  Man, not God, is the source of laws.

As such, it is no longer possible for some to assert that all men were created equal.  Since there was no creation, and we are but an evolving mass of chemicals, it was obvious that man would soon treat his fellows as animals treat their kin. “

This to me,  answers a lot for what we are seeing happening now, in our laws, changes we are seeing in our government and justice system, and in  personal relationships.  What and how we think about God Matters. I encourage anyone to get the book.

* Excerpt quoted pg. 67,  from the Book: When a Nation Forgets God by Erwin Lutzer,  Moody Publishers  2010

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