Painter of Light

1 Jan

CandleLight_SherryDuBoisWe were given a copy of the movie portrayal of the famous painter Thomas Kinkade as a Christmas gift. This painter is well-known for his artistic work as the ‘Painter of Light’.  His work is revered around the world.  The portraits  he painted are always beautiful and capture the scenic memories of local areas and places of years gone by, as well as far away places, cottages, gates and bridges, and lovely trees,  and meaningful stories that he would tell in describing his art work.   Light is a featured visual effect of his art work.

In this movie, It tells of his mentor Glen, a famous painter who lived next door.  Thomas not only discovers his calling as the painter of lights but also helps the town rediscover the true spirit of Christmas.  In the final scene, as the old  artist friend is drifting into his twilight, Thomas visits him with a candle feeling dejected that he has no gift to give his beloved friend and mentor.  But his tears and love for this friend and teacher brings new life and hope that inspires him as Thomas tells him ‘Never to give up’.  That night as Thomas left him, his mentor painted his final painting; full of light and color that was behind the leaves.

Glen the elderly artist that was painting said; all his life he was painting only the forest but he couldn’t see the light through the leaves.  And when Thomas brought in a candle on Christmas Eve when he visited him, Thomas told him not to give up, that there was still another painting in him.  His friend the painter said he  saw the light through the colors of the leaves.  He was saying it was the process of him dying.  Thomas Kinkade’s words at the end of the movie is that Love is still the brightest light. 

We Christians have the joy of knowing the only true light and that is the giver of life that shines brightly.  We have the hope of eternal life and our sins forgiven.   Jesus Christ came to be the light of the world.  Jesus said of himself in John 8:12:

“I am the Light of the world; he who follows Me will not walk in darkness, but will have the Light of life.”   John 8:12

The movie is called: The Christmas Cottage,

This also was the title of one of his famous painting

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