Beyond Christianity

12 Aug

It is interesting to hear people inside the Church complain that discernment and counter-cult ministries are failing and intolerant. Yet, these criticisms come at a time when more false teaching is flourishing then ever.  The new testament gospels and epistles are filled with the warnings to “beware of false teachers”  and their teachings and they serve as a godly instruction for us today. (a few examples: Matt. 24:4,11, 24, 2 Peter 1:1-3, Gal 1:8,9,  and so many more Scriptures could be cited).

Perhaps you have recently opened one of your favorite book, finding words that encourage and bless you all over again as you read them.  These beloved books are often dog-eared and heavily worn containing little pieces of paper as book markers due to going back and searching for the nuggets that inspired and helped us grow.  When we think of some of the false teachings going through the Church these days, it reminded us of the forward in David Breese’s book, which said it so clear and is quoted below:

“We are living in a day when many people are attempting to move “beyond” Christianity.  Because of the myths of progress in vogue today, the word beyond has a certain appeal.  Something that is forever fixed and changeless seems, in the minds of some to be stodgy and undynamic. In this existential age, things must forever progress, fueled by the dynamism of some newly discovered life-force.  The prevailing emotion of this civilization is not love or hate or anything so active–it is boredom.  We demand new fascinations to feed our ever-shortening attention spans.

This demand for new ideas has lead many to try to move past the faith once delivered to the saints to something newer (and therefore presumably truer) and more exciting. But the craving for something new is misguided.  I will always be grateful for the words of Dr. Eastburg, my philosophy professor at Northern Seminary, who stated, “If it’s new, it isn’t true; and if it’s true, it isn’t new.”

The Christian faith is the highest peak, everything else is downhill no matter which way one goes.  There is nothing greater, nothing higher, and certainly nothing more magnificent than the divine revelation in Scripture and in Jesus Christ.  To move beyond that mountaintop in the pursuit of something “better” is to lose oneself in the crags and crevices that fall away from real  Christianity.  And past the fissures of heresy are the fever swamps of cults, where the serpents and the scorpions await.  Beyond love is lust, beyond sex is perversion, beyond medicine is poison, beyond fascination is addiction, beyond rationality is insanity, and beyond reality is fantasy. In the same way, beyond Christianity is death, darkness, and hopelessness.

Nevertheless people continue to be offered those side paths whose ultimate direction is downward.  The increasingly complicated religious situation of our time is producing an explosion of the strangest religious concoctions ever brought to the mind of man.”

From: The Marks of a Cult by David Breese

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