Our Anniversary

4 Apr

True Lovers…

They’re the ones who know how to make love last- who can look to the future and learn from the past. They’re the ones who are walking hand in hand– who can speak without words– and still understand. They’re the ones who look for the positive–who believe in each other and know how to give. They’re the ones whose joy shines within their eyes–who have gone through the fire and can testify–that when all else fails, they look deep within–and always find true love again


We’ve shared a lot of happiness. We’ve seen some dreams come true, And every now and then we’ve had our share of worries too. But every day our love has grown still deeper than before, And with each passing year, I know I love you ever more.


Wedding rings serve as the symbol of the vows you have just spoken. They are the outward and visible sign of the inward and invisible love which binds your hearts together. As they are the finest of earth’s materials, so your love is the richest of spiritual values. As rings are without seems or edge, with no beginning and no end, so they symbolize the perfection of a love that never fails.

To have and to hold from this day forth, through all the changing experiences of life,

to love and to cherish, to honor and to uphold, forever and ever,

To this I pledge you my solemn vow before God. 

To share my life openly with you,

To love, honor and tenderly care for you, And to cherish and encourage

Your own fulfillment as an individual, Through all the changes of our lives.



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