Chuck Smith founder of Calvary Chapel on TBN on July 18, 2008

19 Jun

Chuck Smith founder of Calvary Chapel on TBN Network on July 18,2008.

The YouTube video has been removed since posting this.


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Discernment Ministries International : Little known facts about the Crouches – TBN     (see also Paul Crouch’s possible Peccadillo)  (watch the in-depth video report on TBN/Crouches that was added to their blog.

Deception in the Church:

The information about TBN is well known and documented.  It seems that Discernment in the Church is at an all time low!


Paul Smith termination

Calvary Chapel fires Paul Smith brother of Chuck Smith

A report on May 5, 2009 reports: Paul Smith, brother of founder Chuck Smith, of Calvary Chapel was fired from his position in the Calvary Chapel organization during an unscheduled meeting.  The motion to fire Paul Smith was by board members, one of which was Chuck Smith’s son-in-law, along with another member.  The article says Paul Smith was in ministry since 1951, and in the last 4 years,  has been making efforts to keep ‘Contemplative and Emerging spirituality’ out of the Calvary Chapel movement that his brother Chuck Smith founded (which was original established on holding to bible-based instruction and teaching).

Paul Smith had made efforts to stand for Biblical truth and sound doctrine and tried to keep the Emerging/Contemplative and purpose-driven teaching and mystical prayer out of the movement due to it’s unscriptural theological position, which may have been a source of conflict due to recent associations from within the movement and it’s leadership .

So, with what has been reported, it seems that Calvary Chapel is still divided on the issues of the ‘new spirituality’ that is currently gaining popularity in the Evangelical church.

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