The Authenticity of the Bible

23 Feb

The authenticity of the Bible is being questioned today like never before. It isn’t enough for Christians to say and believe “I have Faith, I know in my heart that it is true.  If we are truly keeping with Jesus’ Commission to reach the lost and take the gospel into the world – Matt 28:19,20,  as Jesus told his disciples, and as Paul instructed Timothy in 2 Tim 4:5 , then we must be able to answer questions, or at least point people to resources when asked, and have an intelligent faith that can address the needs of others with convincing evidence, and give some facts and reliable information. We have had encounters with people more and more, who need to know if they can trust the Bible, and who seem to thimk–they can not.

This crisis so to speak, of questioning our Bible’s reliability and accuracy, has been on the rise with ever increasing intensity for the last several years now,  due in part by recent books like Dan Browne’s Da Vinci Code, and book’s like  ‘Misquoting Jesus’.  One done by a fictional writer, the other by a scholar. There was also the Jesus Seminar that also sought to pick the bible apart, minimizing it’s supernatural – Divine origin, and preferring to focus on the gospel’s historical features and questioned it’s reliability.

There has also been high-profile books in recent years, by some other authors who are atheistic – who don’t believe  in the existence of God.  These books and Authors and their supporters have been featured on popular news programs, morning and evening talk-shows, and documentaries in recent years, all of which, has caused even Christians as well as those outside Christianity to question the reliability and heritage of the Christian Faith and the Bible.   Some people are honest skeptics, others do it out of contention and seek to undermine the faith of others.  We also must mention too, that New Age teachings have also worked to influence people’s trust away from historical and biblical teachings and doctrines found in the bible as well.  Although new age teachings sometimes use the bible to support their beliefs, it’s application can be in error of the bible’s intended meaning.

It is with this in mind, that we’ve included some video presentations that may be helpful to those who are seeking answers on how to address these questions, and may be helpful to those who are seeking answers, and may help to get some christians thinking about what they can do to become more knowledgeable and active in having some answers to those who ask, if not only to build their own faith, but to be equipped for the war that seems to be ever increasing on the Bible’s reliability.

Below are some Video presentation from Youtube you can watch:

**This video covers Archaelology, history, and prophetic evidence:

See Link:


***Here is a discussion between 4 religious leaders on Larry King Live- who are grappling with how the bible applies with today’s most pressing issues of War, Politics, etc..

October 23,2008

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